Insights Over All Pull Requests in Seconds

Gain insights into the organization pull requests. Improve developer productivity. Prevent collaboration bottlenecks.

Streamlined Pull Requests

Identify Pull Requests that need extra attention and automate tasks to improve engineering efficiency.

Get Notified With Crucial Insights
Get Notified With Crucial Insights
Easily identify problematic pull requests: waiting for review, long lived, large, stale, and more.
Customizable Checks
Customizable Checks
Modify the checks parameters to match your organization's needs.
Deploy Remmediation Workflows Automatically
Deploy Remmediation Workflows Automatically
Based on the issue, automatically notify stakeholders by adding comments, labels, or requiring extra approvals.

Available Checks

Long Lived's icon

Long Lived

Pull Requests open for more than 30 days.
Stale's icon


Pull Requests with no activity for 30 days.
Large's icon


Pull Requests that add more than 400 lines of code.
Long Pick Up Time's icon

Long Pick Up Time

Pull Requests waiting for a review for more than 3 days.
Git Conflicts's icon

Git Conflicts

Pull Requests that are not mergeable because of git conflicts.
High Comment Activity's icon

High Comment Activity

Pull Requests with more than 20 review comments.
Multiple Review Iterations's icon

Multiple Review Iterations

Pull Requests with more than 6 review iterations.
Non-Conventional Commits's icon

Non-Conventional Commits

Pull Requests with commit messages not following the Conventional Commits specification.
High Build Failure Rate's icon

High Build Failure Rate

Pull Requests where most pushes break the build.
High Code Churn's icon

High Code Churn

Pull Request that rewrite code introduced recently.

Frequently Asked Questions

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