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We are starting a code review tip repository

21st October 2021 ・ By Reviewpad

One of the pleasures of working on a relatively unexplored area like code reviews is that there is still plenty of room to learn and improve. Devs from around the world do reviews and face the review process in very different ways.

We have recently published our views on what the best practices for code reviews should be (you can find the posts here and here). People seemed to enjoy these articles a lot, and take a lot from them, so we decided to do a little experiment. We took to Twitter, and we put a little hashtag out there, called #CodeReviewTip, encouraging all developers to add their two cents to the discussion.

We learned a lot!

The discussions this generated were fantastic, and even some devs who thought they were 100% familiar with code reviews realised there’s still a lot to learn for all of us. So we decided we couldn’t let it go to waste.

We collected all the tips.

We categorised them.

We made them open source.

And they are:

↗︎ Code Review Repository

We are looking to build a true repository of the best practices for all devs everywhere.

So now it’s up to you guys to help us make it all it can be! Your contributions are very welcome, your input is necessary, and we really want you to make it your own.

So please share the love, improve the status of code reviews, and happy coding!

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